Team Meeting

We have our team meetings for the architects and engineers on regular intervals to iron out the details of all the components of building the school.

We met at a restaurant, which we often do, and temper the intensity of what needs to be done with sharing a great meal. We often meet at Rey’s (the architect) home/office and then go out for a meal.

But this week we met to talk about the plans for the bungalows. We’ll have 300 4-unit residences for out teachers, onsite school employees, visiting instructors and for the team when we visit the school.

We’ve decided the bungalows should be as near the river as possible, probably about a half of a mile to take advantage of the view of the river and the beauty of the forest. It will also provide a bit of a distance between each of the campuses to give the teachers a quiet place to have adult time.

We’ll have a recreation center for the adults too. We decided to include a large screen television to encourage movie nights, sports viewing and encourage group activities.

The center will have a full kitchen facility to provide group gatherings an opportunity to share meals and celebrate birthday and holiday events.

We want to create the atmosphere of community involvement and a sense of family. It is an important component of our environment.

About Sharyn

As founder of UBU I found my inspiration from my brother Tony who was a foster child, then adopted by my parents when he was five. After listening to his stories about the treatment he received while in the homes I began to think of what it was like for him as well as the thousands of other kids. I decided to start the school after Tony passed on in 2008. It is my tribute to him and all that he did for me. Of all the things I've done in my life, this is the one thing that truly makes me feel like I'm finally on the right path.
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