UFO Seminole, OK

My travels while waiting for the funding for our school have provided me many interesting situations, this being one of the top ten. I was in Seminole, Ok for 6 months on the original Seminole Indian land where they had been relocated from Florida in 1836.

Gwen Spaceship 1- 2015-08-06

Ground 2 seconds before the Spaceship lands

I was taking a picture of the finch in the tree and didn’t see anything else or notice how the grass was blowing (slightly white in color) to the right of the rocks.

Gwen Spaceship 2015-08-06

Spaceship with 4 beings – Seminole, OK

This was about 2 seconds after the above picture. To the right of the rocks you can see a black metal cylinder shaped like to hands praying. When you enlarge the picture you can see 4 faces, 2 in front and two behind them between the 2 outside walls. The one on the right in front looks like they’re covering their mouth with their hands.

These pictures were taken on August 5, 2015 in Seminole, Oklahoma.

Gwen's Pond Totem Poles

Ghost Totem Poles

Ghost Totem Poles taken August 11, 2015 on the same property.

Gwen's Pond-Ghost Totem Poles

Ghost Totem Poles Seminole, OK

This is the original picture. Look to the small bit of land coming out towards on the right of the dock.