Another Puzzle Piece

I met with Doug Hollie (Seattle Seahawks, Defensive End, 1987-88) who had taken my speaker’s training course in 2006. I’ve always enjoyed keeping in touch with Doug. He’s smart witty and really cares about children.

His program Heart 2 Heart is based on Treasure Island where he works with 2-30 youth to help them become better prepared for the challenges they are facing.

Every time I meet up with Doug I am impressed by his innovation and dedication and I have to say, today was no exception to the rule.

I told Doug I was trying to figure out how to have a transition facility to house the children prior to them arriving in Belize.

“I have it!” he smiled.

I told him I will need a program designed to ease the kids from living on the streets to being in a full care program to help nurture their confidence.

“I have that too!” he offered,

I took a deep breath and told him I would need people to run the program.

“I know exactly who you should use!” he grinned.

This man has always proven to be a one-stop-shopping expedition for me, but today was above and beyond the normal provisions.

So when the funding is available, we’ll be all set, including the facility, program and folks qualified to run the program.

We are guided!

About Sharyn

As founder of UBU I found my inspiration from my brother Tony who was a foster child, then adopted by my parents when he was five. After listening to his stories about the treatment he received while in the homes I began to think of what it was like for him as well as the thousands of other kids. I decided to start the school after Tony passed on in 2008. It is my tribute to him and all that he did for me. Of all the things I've done in my life, this is the one thing that truly makes me feel like I'm finally on the right path.
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