Phase 1

  • Build 3-year High Schools for Boys and Girls from the U.S. in Belize
    • The students will be first/second offense of minor crimes and will be offered by judges a choice of juvenile hall or UBU
    • Each school will launch with 500 boys and 500 girls
    • 20 Students per teacher
    • 1 Teacher Assistant per 20 students

Phase 2

  • Build 4 year University in Belize
    • Innovative courses including stem cell research; invention; prototype; manufacturing; marketing and distribution. Create Live/Work spaces throughout the US for Transition safe environment facilities.

Phase 3

  • International Expansion
    • Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Denmark, England, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guyana, Haiti, India, Japan, Kenya, Nepal, Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, Tibet, Uganda, Venezuela and Vietnam with others to be added as we develop the contacts.

Phase 4

  • Feed the World
    • Based on the crops and livestock we grow we will be able to provide food for an additional 6,000 to 10,000 people per campus. International disasters being our first preference as well as impoverished communities.

Phase 5

  • UBU Youth Sports Camps
    • We will take inner city children to our campuses for 2 week sports camps led by industry experts and professional sports personalities

Phase 6

  • Orphanages
    • Take over existing orphanage for housing and educating infants to 15 year olds who will then be moved to the UBU campus. We will start in Africa and Haiti where we have developed contacts

Phase 7

  • Millennium Community
    • Housing for local workers from our campuses to help remove them from over crowded cities. They will earn equity credit for every month they are employed by UBU.

Phase 8

  • Millennium Women’s Communities
    • Single mother’s facilities where the women agree to entrepreneur training and to establish their own business; these will be gated communities targeting welfare mothers; children will be educated through our intranet programs to ensure them the best education available

Phase 9

  • College Bound
    • Students who qualify will be trained to offer our multi-media education programs to high schools. This will return the extra curricula education to schools and provide ample funding for the students who are college bound who otherwise might not be able to afford college.

Phase 10

  • Sports and Famous Personality Memorabilia Auctions
    • This program will provide no less than 100 jobs in the U.S. for people to set up these auctions and earn an average of $50,000/year
    • Provides exposure of UBU’s programs to those who can be proactive in expanding programs

Phase 11

  • Youth Church Choir Sing Off
    • Organize church youth choirs to a community wide singing contest
    • Bring awareness to communities as to what they can do to involve youth in outside programs

Phase 12

  • Golf Tournaments
    • This program will provide more than 150 jobs for those who are sports minded and have outgoing personalities

Phase 13

  • NPO for Profit
    • National program to educate non profit organizations to operate as a profitable corporation

Phase 14

  • Sports Recruiting
    • This program will provide a one stop shop for college bound students and recruiters alike

Phase 15

  • Entrepreneur Training
    • Bring people from around the world who have a business idea and provide them an immersion course over a week long time and will include follow up consulting to insure the success of the endeavor

Phase 16

  • Incubator Environment
    • Design and Invention facilities to take concepts and manufacture and set up distribution for items.