We have many talented team members who will develop the projects of Ultimate Business International (UBI). There are 28 divisions which will operate as independent forces to create better living conditions internationally. Our primary focus is our 3-year high school program, Ultimate Business University (UBU). We will take 6,000 youth of the streets from the US and give them the best education possible. The project is project to be 100% self-sustainable in 3 to 5 years. It will be the first of the 24 countries we will be able to impact.

Board of Advisors

  • Sharyn Abbott, Founder & CEO
  • Joe Giove, Director of Innovation
  • Douglas Hollie, Vice President of Student Transitions
  • Arna & Gareth Jenkins, Vice Presidents, Youth Relations

Management – Ultimate Business International (parent to UBU)

  • Sharyn Abbott, Founder & CEO
  • Joseph Joy, Chief Business Development Officer
  • Marc Levy, CLO
  • Tom Salvaggio, COO
  • Andrew Sims, CFO
  • Ralph Taylor, COO, Construction

Bienestar Medical Team

  • Bijo Daniel, Director of Bienestar, RN
  • Repha Awino Dunya, RN
  • Dr Marc Nadreau, Chief DC
  • Dr Gil Paiz, Chief Medical Officer
  • Nisha Shaji, Director of Bienestar, RN
  • Chantelle Taylor, Medical Advisor
  • Ken VanOsdol, Chief Medical Director
  • Cheryl Wolff, RN Director of Bienestar Center
  • Gary Wolff, RN Executive Administrator Director of Bienestar Center

Bienestar Center

  • Patricia Aguinaga, Director of Bienestar
  • Sunil Chand, Director of Hyperbaric Chambers
  • Lucia Ellis, Director of Bienestar
  • Galen Friend, Director of Program Acquisition
  • Robin Grant, Director of Equipment Acquisition
  • Nicolle Hedberg, Director of Bienestar
  • Esther Marc, Director of Bienestar
  • Rosanna Medeiros, Director of Ayervedic Medicine
  • Lien Potgieter, Director of Color Therapy
  • Alexi Roseby, Director of Bienestar
  • Parvaneh Safavi, Director of Bienestar
  • Arti Shah, Director of Bienestar
  • Chris Westney, Director of Bienestar

Business Development

  • Moma Dimitrijevic, Director of Business Development
  • Ahmet Ozcam, Assistant Business Development Director
  • Mark Siddle, Project Manager
  • Ben Toppin, Director of Project Managers

Automobile Design, Invention & Manufacturing

  • Andrés Moreyra, Project Manager, 3D Automobile Division
  • Juovenir Talastasin, Director of Automotive

Automobile Restoration

  • Jon Marshall, Director Auto Restoration
  • Marvin Pook, Director of Auto Mechanics

Company Store

  • Moika Marai, Customer Service
  • Glenda Neal, Retail Store
  • Mark Pilcher, Director of Retail Development

Destacar Jewell Hospitality Team

  • Chrissano Leslie, Customer Service
  • Sergio Orpinela, Resort Manager
  • Sherlyn Williams, Assistant Resort Manager

Destacar Jewell Management

  • Lee Daugherty, Hospitality General Manager
  • Karan Kampani, Hospitality General Manager
  • Herold Mora, Hospitality General Manager
  • Gary Sterling, Destacar Project Manager
  • Pablo Zozaya, Architect, Destacar

Destacar Jewell Performance and Activities Team

  • Tee Crane, Director of Music Programs
  • Michael Davis, Director of Dive Programs
  • Gareth Jenkins, Director Band Management
  • Shawn Medeiros, Director of Live Music Programs
  • Abdul Nahleh, Director of Dance Performance
  • Anas Nahleh, Director of Dance Performance
  • Sharif Williams, Director of Live Music Programs

Destacar Jewell Restaurant

  • Gabriela Arrúa, Restaurant Operations Manager
  • Ramon Benitez, Chef – Argentine
  • Selam Batkitar, Director of Hospitality, Food Services
  • Vic Mena-Carrillo, Director of Hospitality, Food Services 
  • Lance Pelayo, Director of Food and Beverage
  • Tea Sintoni, Sous-Chef 
  • Janini Vega, Chef

Financial Projections

  • Rami Al Qadi, Director of Financial Projections
  • Mary Diaz, Assistant Director of Financial Projections
  • Phillip Haughton, Analysis/Biology Teacher/Research
  • Linda Hayes, Financial Projects Research
  • Bothwell Ndou, Director of Financial Projections
  • Hillary Nnamdi, Director of Financial Analysis
  • Shiva Prasad, Financial Analyst
  • Guillermo Trigo, Director of Financial Projections
  • Karina Velasquez, Economist


  • Deadra Williams, Director of Incubator Programs

Innovation & Inventions

  • Carlos Alcolea, Project Manager
  • Matt Angiono, Assistant Director of Photography & Videography
  • Rasheed Arzu, Director of Marketing
  • Don Baker, Director Innovation & Inventions
  • Ronnier Balan, Finance Manager
  • Arin Bhowmik, Director of Customer Service
  • Piotr Bober, Business Development Manager
  • Shara Bores, Communications
  • Chayanne Chan, Customer Service
  • John Cissko, Director of Engineering-Inventions
  • Margarita Davila, Engineer
  • Sergio Delgado, Director of Marketing
  • Dirceu Ferreira, Director of Marketing
  • Daniel Galeano, Sales and Marketing
  • Alexander Gallego, Graphic Designer
  • Alex Garcia, Sales and Marketing
  • Akhil George, Director of Writing
  • Mari Glavonjic, Project Manager
  • Naim Green, Assistant Director Innovation & Inventions
  • Leith Kanford, Sales and Marketing
  • Shahadul Sotej Haque, Customer Service
  • Nilesh Jetain, Director of Sales Inventions & Innovations
  • Kapil Mittal, Director of International Business Development
  • Austin Petillo, Project Manager
  • Jishnudev Ravindranathan, Engineer
  • Jaime Reyes, Project Manager
  • Joanne Rodriguez, Sales
  • Alvaro Salas-Carvajal, Marketing and Sales
  • Emmanuel Suyog, Director of eCommerce
  • Peter Sangolade, Graphic Designer
  • Pratik Sengupta Sales and Marketing
  • Sonia Sharda, Customer Service
  • Joshua Smith, Assistant Director Innovation & Inventions
  • Ranji Thomas, Director of Business Development
  • Yasmine Toppin, Sales
  • Brent Van Der Vyver, Director of Sales
  • Fabiola Williams, Sales
  • Guillermo Zozaya, Executive Director of Marketing


  • Dargel Pérez Tamayo, Mechanical Engineer

ManufacturingClothing & Linen

  • Maria Ayuso, Clothing Design
  • Abu Jahanir, Director of Textile Manufacturing
  • Sandra Mai, Assistant Clothing Designer

Environmental Manufacturing

  • Johandre Beylefeld, Director of Environmental Projects
  • Jay Carter, Director of Environment, Health and Safety
  • Mitch Kamp, Alternative Energy
  • Lila York, Director of Environmental Processes

Food Processing

  • Agnes Krawczak-Bober, Director of Food Processing
  • Gabbie Dimitrijevic, Director of Food Processing
  • Muhammad Imran, Director of Food Processing
  • Justino Palomo, Director of Food Manufacturing


  • James Hoad, Director of Hemp Manufacturing

Surfboard Design and Manufacturing

  • Felipe Prieto, Surfboard Design & Manufacturing


  • Tan De, Director of Printing
  • Pilar Mora Preito, Editor

Construction: Architects,  Engineers, Landscaping & Construction


  • Ralph Taylor, COO, Construction
  • Architects
    • Ivan Camal, Lead Architect
    • Greg James, Director of Campus Planning
    • Rhonda Lowe, Architect
    • Dariel Torres, CAD Designer

Construction Team

  • Lino Alvarez, Project Manager
  • Harrison Anderson, Electrician
  • Shermar Bell, Construction – Apprentice
  • John Beltz, Director of Concrete Construction
  • Leonard Bonenberger, Director of Construction Equipment
  • Jamir Osmani Caal, Plummer
  • Tony Collard, Construction Engineer
  • Jose Comco, Construction
  • Bill Ellingsworth, Team Leader
  • Omar Hussain, Construction Manager
  • Juan Carlos Macleod, Construction – Welder
  • Joshua John Marai, Construction – Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Thomas Mattia, Electrician – Apprentice
  • John Northrop, Director of Road Services
  • Stephen Pitzold, Construction
  • Taiel Plata, Construction – Electrician Apprentice
  • Baselio Pook, Construction Team
  • Mark Ramclam, Construction Team Driver & Maintenance
  • Jesus Saavedra, Civil Engineer
  • Ric Sitar, Structural Engineer
  • Mark Stephens, Construction Team
  • Jarren Sutherland, Construction Team
  • Tom Sterling, Project Manager
  • Phil Swanson, Site Manager
  • Taryn Thompson, Construction
  • Robert Tillett, Director of Engineering
  • Hernan Villarroel, Construction Manager

Construction Pre-Fabrication

  • Jose Luis Preito, Director of Pre-fabrications

Construction: Housing

  • Gary Schuitema, Director of Housing Construction

Interior Design

  • Monalisa Randolph, Assistant Interior Decorator


  • Ismail Geloglu, Director of Landscaping
  • Hans Jahnke, Director of Landscaping
  • Msafiri Kiswaga, Assistant Director of Landscaping
  • Joe Salazar, Landscaping
  • Melida Thompson, Assistant Director of Landscaping
  • Alberto Vasquez, Landscaping


Non Profit Education

Program Development

Visiting Instructors Program

  • Donatella Shine Lupetti, Director of Visiting Instructors Program


  • Director of Foundations

Feed the World

  • Nick Amwata, Director of Feed the World, Little Syria
  • Enzo Bertucci, Director of Feed the World, Environmental
  • Luis Garcia, Director of Distribution Feed the World
  • Muhammad Khan, Director of Feed the World
  • Lucy Wambui Ndungu, Director of International Relations
  • Barry Nelson, Director Feed the World
  • Jenn Mena-Wenstrom, Director of Little Syria Millennium Project
  • Jorge Zambrano, Feed the World – Environmental International Relationships
  • Feed the World

Millennium Employee Housing

Millennium Women Housing



  • Edward Harris, Operations Director


  • Bay Abdelmaseeh, Director of Accounting
  • Stan Palacio, Accounting
  • Sumit Kumar Sharma, Accounting
  • Andy Umaña, Accounting

Automotive Mechanics

  • Juovenir Talastasin, Director of Automotive Maintenance
  • Amid Vega, Director of Auto Mechanics


  • Melisa Abeldaño, Cosmetologist
  • Saira Caal, Cosmetologist
  • Ashley Leslie, Cosmetologist
  • Mokhtar Mrassli, Director of Belleza, Dermatology
  • Ele Serrablo, Director of Belleza
  • Mylyn Serrablo, Director of Belleza
  • Iris Umana, Cosmetologist
  • Erika Vega, Cosmetologist

Community Outreach

  • Travis Bardalez, Community Outreach Training Programs
  • Lena Fernandez, Community Outreach
  • Kenroy Executive Director of Community Outreach
  • Fredrick Hunter, Corporate Liaison
  • Christian Loza, Director of Community Training Programs
  • Brads Neal, Director of Corporate Outreach
  • Genroe Pelayo, Director of Community Training Programs
  • Natalie Pook, Director of Community Training Programs
  • Jerry Rameriz, Community Outreach
  • Omar Rodríguez, Community Outreach
  • Denmar Russell, Director of Community Training Programs
  • Marlon Samuels, Corporate Liaison
  • Dr. Sheldon Samuels, Director of Community Outreach


  • Adam Mukiibi, Expansion Team

Fire Department

  • Mauricio Santini, Fire Chief

Human Resources

  • Racquel Castro, Assistant Director of Human Resources
  • Justin Clarke, Employee Policy Development
  • Carmen Figueroa, Human Resources
  • Edwin George, Director of Recruiting
  • Leon Oosthuizen, Director of Human Resources Resources
  • Armin Rivera, Director of Recruiting
  • May Talastasin, Assistant Director of Human Resources

Information and Technology

  • Jordan Burgess, Director of Technical Design
  • Ed Grant, Director of Technology
  • Robert E. Lee, Director of IT
  • Sumithra Marimuthu, Director of Computer Design
  • Abdiel Neal, Computer Programs
  • Julio Cesar Picelli, CIO

Legal Services

  • Marc Levy, Chief Legal Council
  • Danika McFadzean, Compliance Officer
  • Daphne McFadzean, Legal Assistant
  • Joseph Usher, Legal Council
  • Maryori Pereira Villarroel, Legal Council

Maritime Division

  • Marcelo Santini, Director of Maritime Affairs

Operations Support

  • Elzaan-Mari Beylefeld, Senior Executive Liaison
  • Adriano Cabalieri, Director of Public Relations
  • Connie Bonenberger, Assistant Executive Liaison
  • Jessica Camal, Executive Liaison
  • Eli Cassina, Executive Liaison
  • Zalika Jamilla Garbutt, Executive Liaison
  • Veronica Lucía Narváez Gallego, Executive Liaison, Environmental
  • Aisha Kumal, Executive Liaison
  • Shristi Kumal, Executive Liaison
  • Rudo Ndou, Executive Liaison
  • Jane Ndiritu, Assistant Executive Liaison
  • Kelsie Neal, Executive Liaison
  • Elizabeth Oatney, Project Manager
  • Berta Lilian Reyes, Clerk
  • Karen Smith, Management Consultant
  • Glena Stevenson, Senior Executive Liaison


  • Amin Rhaman, Director of Payroll
  • Gia Rivera, Assistant Payroll
  • Fayaz Shamshudeen, Director of Payroll


  • Anne-Marie Atse, Director of Procurement
  • Chandra Kumal, Assistant Director of Procurement
  • Melanie Lammey, Procurement
  • Miki Majzik, Procurement
  • Sacha Meaux-Echendu, Director of Procurement
  • Julieta Pintado, Procurement


  • Zahil Ayuso, Assistant Director of Internal Security Services
  • Rupert Bell, Security Team
  • Ernest Carter, Director of Security
  • Ricardo Costa, Director of Security
  • Humberto Miranda, Director of Corporate Security
  • João Neno, Assistant Director of Security
  • David Parkes, Director of Security Personnel
  • Deremiah Phillips, Director of Internal Security
  • Marlon Smith, Security Team
  • Georgia Westby, Security Team
  • Hugh Williams, Security Team
  • Gordon Woods, Director of Security

Shipping & Receiving

  • Damodar Bandekar, Director of Shipping & Receiving
  • Mahmood Kanji, Director of International Shipping
  • Marcelo Santini, Director of Maritime Affairs
  • Manish Sharda, Director of International Shipping
  • Marcello Tapia, Director of International Trade

Software Development

  • Aroma Salve, Director of Quality Control


  • Agneev Das, Telecom Engineer

Training Department

  • Michelle Vidale, Training Department

Transportation Department

  • Darren Rhaburn, Driver

Travel Department

  • Arelis Diaz, Director of Travel
  • Pooja Shukla, Director of Travel

Warehouse Department

  • Jose Rosel Acosta, Director of Warehousing


  • Tahir Ifran, Director of Website Development
  • Nazmul Haque, Director of Website Development

Property Acquisition

  • Jeanpier Anaya, Director of Property Finance
  • Fred Butler, Property Acquisition
  • Rich Heyman, Director Transition Facilitates Acquisition
  • Julian Kaplan, Director of Property Acquisition

Property Management

  • Esther Camal, Director of Housekeeping
  • Aidia Chuc, Housekeeping
  • Pablo Greco, Director of Property Management
  • Bertha Woods, Director of Property Management

Ranch Manager

  • Roland Buchanan, Ranch Manager


  • Mujeeb Adnan, Director of Development of Agriculture
  • Ghanashyam Bhanja, Director of Farming
  • Elsner Campos, Director of Agronomists
  • Indranil Das, Director of Business Development
  • Chris Downs, Director of Farming
  • Heather Downs, Director of Herb Farming Operations
  • Michael Faint, Director of Agriculture
  • Hardeep Ghuman, Director of Farming Operations
  • Minor Hernandez, Director of Herb Processing
  • Rabia Imran, Director of Horticulture
  • Suhail Khan, Director of Hydroponics
  • Romaldo Isaac Lewis, Director of Agriculture Outreach
  • Kyrah Lopez, Agriculture
  • Daniel Macchi, Director of Hemp Cultivation
  • Byron Manzanero, Director of Agricultural Science
  • Tinotenda Matema, Agronomist
  • Bilal Naamani, Director of Permaculture
  • Ninad Patil, Director of Orchard Management
  • Prabha Renganathan, Director of Agronomists Hydroponics
  • Hipolito Sanker, Agriculture
  • Raju Singh, Director of Conservation Agricultural
  • Tiby Thomas, Director of Agricultural Development
  • Anthony Torres, Business Development Ag Sales
  • Wilber Vega, Agronomist


  • David Velez, Director of Fisheries
  • Ramon Carcamo, Director of Fisheries


  • Laura Guzmán Guerra, Veterinarian
  • Matthew Martinez, Livestock
  • Stephanie Marshall, Director of Equestrian Programs
  • Ruben Moncada, Director of Zootechnist
  • Diego Monzón, Director of Livestock Breeding
  • Dexter Neal, Livestock
  • Brian Torres Ruiz, Director of Equestrian Programs
  • Kristy Whitehill, Associate Director Equestrian Programs


  • Ricardo Moravek, Director of Vineyards

UBU High School

  • Dr. Bill Bach, Director of Administration
    • PradeepKumar Gopalakrishnan, Project ManagerAhmed Omar, Director of Administration, Boy’s School
    • Priyanka Parkar, Teacher Recruiter
    • Frances Tsakonas, Director of Educational Development
    • Zaib Unisa, Curriculum Development

Entrepreneurship Development

  • Dorian Fairweather, Director of Entrepreneurship
  • Diana Ireland, Teacher Entrepreneur
  • Mohammad Mohd, Director of International Education
  • Audrey Muschamp, Teacher – Entrepreneurship
  • Mustafa Shahat, Director of Entrepreneurship
  • Girish Wadwekar, Director of Entrepreneurship

Food Services

  • Eunice Haughton, Executive Liaison
  • Ingrid Ovenstone, Director of Cuisine

Grandparent’s Program


  • Adelita Bell, Dean’s Secretary

Student Assessment

  • Karl Burke, Senior Director of Student Assessment
  • Carlos Castaño, Psychologist
  • Archana Das, Director of Student Assessment
  • Marty Downing, Associate Director of Student Relations
  • Vanessa Grant, Associate Director of Student Relations
  • Leslie Heard, Director of Student Screening
  • Shannah Samuels, Director of Student Screening
  • Daniel Sutherland, Assistant Director of Student Relationships
  • Paul Sutherland, Director of Student Relationships
  • Merlene Torres, Assistant Director of Student Assessment


  • Sampson Addo, Director of Business Development
  • Pamela Cardozo, Teacher – Chemical Engineering
  • Natalia Castaño, Teacher, Sciences
  • Silvana Chavez, Coach, Swimming
  • Tim Dami, IT Instructor
  • Angel Figueroga, Director of Music Performance
  • Saurav Gaur, Basketball Coach
  • Amadou Guissett, Teach of Finance
  • Diana Ireland, Teacher Entrepreneur
  • Sasha Lee Hernandez, Teacher
  • Raymond Hinds, Teacher – Science & Theology
  • Arna Jenkins, Director of Sculpture
  • Victor Katiechi, Teacher
  • Mitch Kamp, Alternative Energy
  • Ilia Lee, Languages
  • Ramiro Morejón, Videography
  • Lilliane Neves, English
  • Miracle Nnamdi, Medical Processes
  • Glenford Parham, Teacher – Economics & Ethics
  • Sheldon Samuels, Jr., Teacher – History & Social Science
  • Medi Shafic, Soccer Coach
  • Shahina Shirin Tabassum, Social Sciences
  • Silvia Taboada, Art Teacher,
  • Luciano Tayrovitch, Drama
  • Justo Torres, Teacher
  • Amilcar Umana, Teacher, IT 
  • Gautami Wadwekar, Teacher, Chemistry
  • Tdrinda Woods, Music Teacher

Teacher Assistants

  • Carlos Diaz de Almeida, Teacher Assistant, Sports
  • Victoria de Almeida, Teacher Assistant
  • Rose Hinds, Teacher Assistant
  • Itar Lee, Teacher Assistant
  • Jaida Rhaburn, Teacher Assistant
  • Andrea Rodríguez, Teacher Assistant
  • Allen Umaña, Teacher Assistant-Sports

UBU – Staff School K-12

  • Jenny Borde, Employee School Administrator
    • Ishell Ellis, Teacher, Primary
    • Whitney Giles, Teacher – Primary
    • Joan Lamb, Teacher – Primary
    • Ushasi Mahalanabish – Primary
    • Deyanira Palomo, Teacher – Primary
    • Claudia Plata, Teacher-Primary
    • Anne Pook, Teacher – Primary
    • Melonia Ramclam – Primary
    • Nicole Rhaburn, Teacher – Primary
    • Mary Topero – Primary


  • Adam Mukiibi, Uganda
  • Patience Awazi, Director of Cameroon
  • Richard Kent, Director of Uganda
  • Jamyang Pasang, Director of Tibet
  • Chandani Senaratne, Director of Sri Lanka

Student Recruiting

  • Chuck Kubasek, Student Recruiter
  • Norma Ward, Student Recruiting

Student Live/Work Facilities

  • Lorenzo Parker, Director of Youth Center, DC

Transition Facility

  • Douglas Hollie, Director of Transition Facility & Board of Advisors
  • Shirley Howard-Johnson, Director of the Transition Facility

Youth Sports Camps

Sports Recruiting Programs

  • Vida Blue, Director of Youth Sports Programs
  • Matt Shelton, Director of Youth Sports Programs
  • Thomas Williams, Director of Youth Sports Programs