ubu-cropped-1016cOur first campus will be on combined properties of 20,000 acres in Belize and will consist of 16 million square feet of buildings which will include:

  • 2 high school campuses, one for the girls and one for the boys
  • 3,000 rooms for the students; 300 rooms for Teacher Assistants
  • 285 acres for the 835 employee bungalows
  • 280 acres in manufacturing
  • Nearly 2 acres of building space for our Wellness Centers
  • Our two Spiritual Centers will be housed on 8 acres
  • 1,200 acres for the 4 year university

UBU Campus Layout

UBU-Campus LayoutWe’ll also have a champion golf course; 2,800 horses on 230 acres; 300 acres in vegetables; 80 acres in herbs; 385 acres in hemp; 340 acres in coffee; 430 acres in gluten free lupin beans; 120 acres in vineyard; 150 acres in cocoa; and we’ll have bee hives so we can produce local honey.

School Layout


All of the required curriculum will be in multi-media and will involve and a discussion session after the film. Our Visiting Instructor’s Programs (VIPs) will include everything from auto shop to zoology. We already have 120 instructors lined up for courses such as: Accounting, Acting, Anatomy, American Indian Studies, Archery, Art, Architecture, Astrology, Coaching, Cooking, Construction, Entrepreneurship, Film Making, Grant Writing, Lapidary, Landscaping, Music, Professional Speaking, Website Development, Woodworking and Writing just to name a few.

We will become self-sustainable within 3 to 5 years by generating more than $100 million through programs such as our Dive Programs, Dance, Art and Caribbean Music Festivals, agricultural production as well as honey, cocoa, coffee, clothing and many other products we will manufacture.

This will be the first of at least 20 campuses around the world, which will all replicate what we do in Belize.