Tachyon Chambers

 Tachyon Living Tachyon Chambers are unique due to the very high amounts of Tachyon saturation within the chambers.  Also, Tachyon Living Chambers are the only chambers on earth to connect to Source Love i.e.
(Mother / Father God) for a field of the strongest protection and love energy added to the Tachyon Field.  This is done for a protection to those who enter so that only the best and highest good can come for that person within a chamber.  The Chamber is also protected and has a personal attendant from the 12th Dimension Ascension Experts.  This adds a lovely facilitator to your Tachyon experience assuring the most amazing possibilities.  

Tachyon Living’s Tachyon Chambers create a permanent portal where the Tachyon streams from the 12th Dimension through the pyramid and crystal generators into the core of Mother Gaia (earth) through a permanent portal. 

Above you can see that this is not an enclosed room.  No walls are needed as the pyramid energy ethericly extends down to the foundation of the earth.  This creates a huge energetic field where physical walls are not necessary.  However, most of our Chambers are in a room of their own.  A field of Tachyon does not need borders.  It creates its own ‘Chamber’ around a saturated portal opening following the lines of the pyramid.  The ‘walls’ of Tachyon are etheric but very real when concentrated into a specific area through the pyramid.