Press Release

In 1999 my brother Tony and I decided to create a school for kids at risk. Within a year the idea began to take hold as and has developed into an educational program for kids who are living on the streets in the U.S. and will be emancipated by a judge and moved to Belize for a full scholarship high school program.
The students will live in Belize for three years and have all required curriculum prepared in multi-media and extra curricular education taught by experts in the field. All courses will be captured on video for future reference.
The school will also serve as a trade school and teach hands on courses in construction, green technology, solar, agricultural, horticulture, and even entrepreneur courses.
We have investments to cover the construction funding to build the schools which will begin by having 500 boys and 500 girls and expanding to 6,000 students on two separate campuses  in 2016.
I would be happy to talk with you about the impact this will have on the 700,000 children under 18 years old living on the streets in the U.S. without adult supervision or protection.