June 2022

I was introduced to Barry & Kath Pearce who have raised Clydesdales and now racehorses in Australia. They have contacts to help us with our first expansion team that will be for the Aboriginals.

I was invited to go out for the day with Naomi and Irma and we ended up going to a casino for dinner. Afterwards we were listening to the entertainment so when he took a break, I introduced myself and invited him to come to Belize to perform.

May 2022

Hillary Gooden saw an earlier interview I was on and invited me to talk about natural health resources and UBU on her show. You can see the replay on the Media links.

I was invited to an event for Tower Gardens and was introduced to Stephen, the CEO. He’s put over 15,000 Tower Gardens into schools around the world! He agreed to come to Belize to help us set up our Tower Gardens.

I met Michael Rager on LinkedIn and he invited me to a networking event downtown. It turns out his wife is from Belize and has a lot of contacts they’ll introduce us to in Belize.

I had coffee with Michael Morning star who has property in Belize. He has many clients who he’ll introduce us to who can help us in Belize.

Michael will introduce us to Don Norris who has heavy equipment in Belize and knows of sources in the US for equipment. He also has contact who can ship equipment from the US to Belize.

Prior to the virus there were 200,000 children under 18 living on the streets in the US who don’t have an adult to provide for them. Since the virus the count is now over 700,000.

April 2022

I had another conversation with Michael Moringstar who owns 3,500 acres in Belize. He also knows of several others who would be open to selling their properties for our Destacar, our entertainment village.

I was introduced to Covenant House in Houston who helps youth under 24 who are homeless. They reported there are 24,000 children living on the streets under 24 who are in Houston alone.

A contact in Texas, Evelyn introduced me to Michelle who it turns out lives about 2 miles from where I am staying. Michelle’s contact Michael has a contract who will provide us an introduction so we might get a MedBed.

December 2021

Bob Burg introduced me to Michael Morningsar who owns property in Belize. He inherited it from his grandfather.

August 2021

I was interviewed on BBC Radio by Dr. Christina and Dr. Art about our UBU Project.

July 2021

Sunny Lee has a contact in Belize who is from Turkey who’s family has been growing hemp for five generations. Sunny will introduce us once we’re in Belize.

April 2021

I was invited to a meeting in Long Beach. There were 6 us of there.

Sunny Lee, whose partner in Belize is Nigel who I’ve talked to. Nigel is the head of the experimental Ag Farm and a movie producer

Sunny is producing hectors of hemp in Belize and they are working with PM Barrow (past PM). They can produce 1,000 homes a day! He also has access to the Native American Indian Tribe Trusts and was just appointed to the National Council to stop hunger (not the actual name but I don’t remember exactly which one!)

Vincent who works directly with the Admiral and said Iraq will publish their budget today and that will release the GCR world wide. He also has a program to get 500,000 for each birth certificate. They did their first 10 last week!

Jodi is the mgr of the cancer clinic in LA and will create an alternative health center in every state as her project and already has 19,000 doctors who want to join her network.

Her father in law does Coding. He can tell from a picture the exact code anyone needs to get healthy.

A young man in Chicago needed a liver transplant and after getting his code and wearing it for 3 days he no longer needed the transplant.

Dennis creates patches. He gave us samples and I managed to grab one that has Ultimate Immune Support. There are 30 patches per packet. He can even create a patch for the Vit C/E cleanse.

We were together about 4 hours and it was so much fun!

After when we were saying goodbye, Craig told Susie they had just received confirmation one of their sources has enough funds to fund each of our projects and wants to do so but I didn’t catch the timing (I’ll follow up with Susie today)

Susie said the gold seller (our Zim package buyer) was successful in Hallmarking the first sample of gold and has begun the entire shipment (4 pallets). The entire allotment is earmarked for projects!

Susie introduced me to Craig Miller who played professional basket ball and has been very involved in the financial world. One of his partners has been providing project funding for humanitarian programs.

After talking for an hour, he asked if he could introduce me to Charlie Ward.

Susie introduced me to two women, both are name Karen. One had her own Radio and TV programs and had 7 Near Death Experiences and has access to the Akashic Records. She has managed with Reggae musicians and has always wanted to live in Belize.

March 2021

Gareth introduced me to Rebecca Rose who has a big interest in helping children at risk. She was a part of the Mars Secret Space Program.

Paco introduced me to Christopher Nesbitt who is the Agroecologist for Belize Renewable Energy project. He’s very involved in permaculture and has run the Maya Mountain Research Farm for more than 30 years. His wife process honey.

February 2021

Bruce introduced me to Kerry Cassidy who has had a show called Project Camelot since 2005. She interviews people who have connections with the Galactics, natural health resources and incredible stories.

Jon introduced me to Jose who can see into other dimensions and is a natural healer. I offered to help him create humanitarian projects.

December 2020

Tracey introduced me to Barry who has been going to Brazil for more than 20 years to help teach the children there how to keep safe from the police who will kidnap them and put them into the sex trade rings. Barry will be working with our Feed the World program.

October 2020

I talked with Kent Dunn for about an hour. He has contacts with the Galactics and has been very involved in the removal of bad aliens.

Doug introduced me to Larry Sorenson. I had lost track of him after we had talked in 2016. He and his partners are very involved in the investments. He knows the professor who was one of the inventors of HAARPS.

August 2019

Chiyera Fox introduced me to Twila Barnes who is one of the elders of the Cherokee Nation.

Field McConnel introduced me to Dr Mike Olson who is known as Dr. Good Vibes. He’ll be organizing the veteran’s programs for Field.

April 2019

Cherri Hill from Sage International in Reno has agreed to work with our group to make sure we have enough resources for investments.

Fred introduced me to Eric Winterhalter who is the COO of Lafeef. They manage billion-dollar investment accounts.

Doug Jones of Landa Global China Introduced me to Nancy Detriller who along with Joel Kay Trader works with the Elders.

March 2019

Jon Marshall introduced me to Leslie Peterson who has been connected with Fuel companies for investments.

Armanda introduced me to Alfredo who raises oranges and is involved in Retail in Belize. He’s also a veterinarian.

Stephanie introduced me to Wayne Gross, from Australia, who worked in Electronics Medical Engineering in the military. He worked at NSA in Maryland and retired at 40.

February 2019

Amanda introduced me to Armando who is in banking in Panama. Armando introduced me to Vivian who is in charge dispersing funds to banks in Panama. They both agreed to work with us to be able focus investment strategies.

Armando introduced me to Eduardo who is the Director of the Panama Renewal Energy. He worked with the Los Mangos wind turbine project in Panama.

January 2019

Rolland introduced me to Jon Marshal who worked at HSBC and has been appointed as a Pay Master. His partner ran the Credit Swiss region of Caribbean Bank. Jon agreed to manage our investment package.

September 2018

I have been talking with Ron Rockwell who took over the manufacturing of the Royal Rife machines after Dr. Rife passed away. He worked with Dr Rife for more than 30 years. He has agreed to let us take over the manufacturing once we’re in Belize.

April 2018

I was introduced to Captain Randy Kramer who was a part of the Mars Secret Space Program and has introduced Med Beds to the general public. The Med Beds will be available to the general public.

Roland Russell in New York has offered to do genealogy films for the children at UBU. We’ll set up a movie studio and help the kids do the research for their family history.

June 2013

I’ve been talking with Theda Muller (Dubai) about doing speaking engagements in Dubai and she has been talking about her passion for creating ethical caring orphanages. We will now speed up our Phase for the orphanages and begin in South Africa in 2014.

I went to visit Galen Friend in Lafayette and she is now a part of our Wellness Center in Belize. She brings amazing crystal work, massage and spiritual awareness courses to the school.

I called to thank Melida Thompson (met through Melanie Greenwood)  for the introduction to Brad Neal and after talking we realized she has a definite place at UBU. She will work as Rey’s landscape assistant and then be responsible for the gardens.

I met with long time friends Rebecca & Dan DeNardo (long time friends and clients) who will be joining our team. Rebecca in the Wellness Center, Culinary Arts & Gardening. Dan will primarily work as Project Manager of the school implementation, in Culinary Arts.

I met with Doris Mangrum (long time client) who agreed to head up our student recruitment program. Doris has worked with Santa Rita women’s prison for 22 years

I had a conversation with Brad Neal (thanks to Melida Thompson) assured me of the introduction to all of Parliament and smoothing the way to all of the resources we need in Belize. Brad was born and raised in Belize and has his own construction company. Second conversation Brad assured us of rapid turnaround for visas and permits.

I had a great conversation with Robert Helms (thanks to Robin Ramsey). He gave resources for permits, shipping & connections to smooth out the construction process in Belize. He’s been building the connections for 3 1/2 years

Leslie Bartley agreed to be on the Board of Directors as VP of Education

Ali Barekat (WebMD Founder and Executive Director at Sunday Friends in San Jose) agreed to be on the Board of Directors

Joe Giove agreed to be on the Board of Directors as VP of Innovation

Tee Crane has agreed to produce and promote a fundraising event in NY (his previous clients include Sammy Davis Junior)

May 2013

Clancy Tucker interview me for UBU to promote the project to his 1 million followers worldwide. It will be published in July.

I was introduced to Leslie Bartley (thanks to Lizette LaForge) who has the experience in bringing accreditation to UBU to make sure our student get credit for their course studies 

We entered an agreement with Denis Semuguruka (long term client) to build UBU in Tanzania on the property his grandmother left for him

Robin & Ed Grant (long term friends and clients) have joined the team; Robin in the Wellness Center and Ed in the IT & technology department

April 2013

Minister Martin introduced UBU to Parliament in Belize

I was introduced to Minister Martin (through his brother Ja Shon Edwards), the Minister of Human Resources in Belize. He embraced the project and agreed to help in any way he could. 

February 2013

I met with Councilman Richard Valle (met through Phil De la Cruz) who is introducing me to the group who has facilities at Treasure Island for potential holding space for kids in transition to Belize

Met with the FASAE group and talked about the plan implementation for Bataan’s first school for 300 students. We will have one in each of the 14 regions.

Met Alon Shalev, Jewish Youth Laison in San Francisco. He decided to blog about UBU

Talked with Julian Kaplan who who now take over the interviewing and hiring of the team.

Talked with Dave Gruber about combining his entrepreneurial education concept with UBU. It would include speakers such as Brian Tracy, Wayne Dwyer and the most well known motivators.

Rey Banzon, Lino Alvarez & i met in Lafayette to finalize the plans for the school. It’s now 29,000 sq ft per floor and four floors.

Met Melody Powers from Stockton and she has accepted the role as student recruiter for the San Joaquin Valley in Northern California

Kitty Hearst & her partner Chris have agreed to search resources for the school from their large database of sponsors

December 2012

I talked with Daryl Crutchfiled (intro from Melissa Swann) about doing student recruitment and coordinating events for UBU.

January 2012

Rey Banzon and I had lunch and he’s introducing me to his funding resource in the Philippines who is considering funding the construction of UBU.

Jason Grilli of the Pittsburg Pirates is considering co-producing a Social Media event to help raise funds for UBU.

Tina Karl is now going to be organizing two treasure dive trips for fundraising in Belize.

December 2011

I met Ken at the NextGen event in New York. He has a fund raiser for schools, but when we started talking about UBU he decided he wants to help UBU in some form or another.

I had a call from Tina who I had met in Los Angeles at the Braveheart Rise event in November. She had talked with her sister Cathy who lives in Florida and she is interested in organizing golf tournaments in her area for UBU.

November 2011

I hadn’t talked with Cathy for over a month and it was great to catch up. In fact, it seems time timing was perfect. Cathy is going to help organize the auctions in San Francisco.

I was at the NextGen event in New York and met a young woman who wants to come to Belize and be one of our teachers. Her boyfriend is the founder of XPrize.

I met Tina and Michelle at an Los Angeles event. Tina said she would like to help with the dive trips I have targeted to raise the funds for the school teacher’s salaries.

July 2011

I met with Patrick on Tuesday and marveled at his level of interest and the fact that he has experience in the juvenile system in San Mateo County. He wants to be a part of the education system at the school.

June 2011

I talked with Melissa today and she is now working with a man who is going to build a senior center in Golden, Colorado. They have already decided to help fund UBU through their profits.

Manny is going back to Washington, D.C. to visit with Mrs. Littlefield who is the head of OPIC, the overseas project funding for non profits. He has asked that I accompany him.

Manny has a contact in the Philippines who is connected very highly in the educational arena. We will approach them about getting an introduction to them.

I met Comanche in Oakland while waiting for Manny and she ended up inviting me to her church on Sunday. There I was introduced to Patrick who has been trying to figure out how to create an educational program to get kids off the streets in Oakland.

Andrea White has introduced me to BJ who is doing a Real Estate project in Belize. She’ll be leaving for Belize this week so we’ll see how we can work together.

Jacque has introduced me to to Bidding for Good. I talked with Alex and they have a tremendous database they involve in auctions for non profits.

May 2011

Robert Butwin has offered to help me get educators to the Philippines to create to educational programs for the school.

I was introduce to Ken Packer who is an event planner. We will talk about how we can do a fund raiser for UBU.

Ruby introduced me to Audrey who suggested I approach ISIS an event planning organization to            host the auctions.

I reconnected with Larry Kesler from New York who I met in 1995 and he now lives in San Diego. He and his wife are now on board to support UBU.

April 2011

We now have 7 people doing the fund raising, foundations and corporate sponsorships. That will make a huge difference in helping the Golf Coordinators line up the sponsors.

March 2011

We’ve had 15 people respond for the Golf Coordinator’s position in Florida. We are so pleased to be working with Kevin Collado for the Tampa St. Pete’s area.

I went to a Golf Expo in Santa Clara and discovered several great sponsors for the tournaments, including a potential sponsor for all the tournaments in Northern California.

I received an Outstanding Service Award from the Women Information Network (WIN) event in San Francisco. There were about 100 women who attended the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day.

February 2011

Bill Newman has offered to donate $500 for each tournament and will bring auction items for the tournaments. It is a great fundraiser and will give the event a unique twist on entertainment.

Chad Schapiro found me on LinkedIn and asked that I look at his customizable toolbar. It’s used as a fundraiser for non profits. It works as an online shopping mall. It will raise funds for UBU from others using the toolbar while saving money.

January 2011

I am incredibly blessed and impressed with the people who surround me.  Melissa Swann introduced me to Rey Banzon who is an architect and he designed UBU to my dream specifications. He donated the design.

School Design Ultimate Business University
The Ultimate Business University – 2nd – 4th Floors
The Ultimate Business University – 1st Floor Classrooms

December 2010:

While in Belize in December I was reintroduced through Chad Caines our videographer, to Jan who worked at the Pleasanton Castlewood Country Club when I met her about five years ago. Now she lives in Belize full time.

October 2010:

I met with Anastasia and she is on board to coordinate the holiday party at her parent’s country club. I’ll have Bill Newman come out with the auction material and Anastasia will organize the event.

One of my authors, Leanna Tribulato has been working on a children’s book, but has been stuck. We finally discovered why on Friday. She wants to pursue something that has more to do with  kids at risk. So after talking about some of the possibilities, Leanna is going to head up the golf tournaments in the Silicon Valley.

September 2010:

I received a call back from Walter Brown who sent an email to his contact in Los Angeles who is creating the multi media curriculum for educational programs. So, I’m one step closer.

I met with Andree, the grant writer again. She is who I am working with on the grants for my “Wish List”. We had a great meeting and she told me I was her star client because of all I had accomplished since our last meeting.

I talked with Bill Newman again this week and we’re planning on scheduling a gala for Christmas. I came up with an idea of finding a philanthropic group who might host the event. That way they would have the location and the mailing list. I called my friend Anastasia who is a member of a country club and she’s agreed to host an event. Then I thought, why stop there? I’ll find others who are involved in other country clubs.

I asked Billa to think about possibilities for finding a way to secure the property in Belize. Rey is designing the school for the exact property so I want to make sure we hold the property.

I also sent an email to Bill Bartmann who is the 25th wealthiest man in the U.S. I received his book, DVD and CD in the mail on Thursday last week and his story is amazing. You should get his material. His office staff called me to ask if I had received everything and after telling her what I’m doing, Malorie suggested I send Bill the information. So, that’s what I did!

I got a call back from Roger who is with PADI the diving association and I’ll follow up with him to see what we might do!

I met with Rochelle Brown again. She has agreed to become my school administrator! We will design the school as a Charter school and have the majority of the curriculum in multi media!  Teachers we are looking for will all have at least one skill they will be able to teach based on concepts most trade schools who offer.

I reconnected with Billa Bhandari who I’ve known for about two years. He offered to help me by going back to the corporate contacts he’s used to raise funds for the school construction.

John Acott, the realtor in Belize found 350 acres for $300k! It even has a river running through it! It is so beautiful and will be able to handle the expansion to house the 3,000 boys within the 10 years to come!

I also heard from my previous client Mitch Miller who is a business attorney in Palo Alto and he has agreed to become my attorney of record!

Melissa asked her friend Ray who is an architect and he’s agreed to design the school!

August 2010:

I reconnected a client from Elite Leads, Chad Cains who is a videographer and he’s agreed to help me cread a video for the school!

Melissa Swann has agreed to help me with the golf tournament in the Bay Area. She’ll be working with her friend Larry to create six tournaments.

Robin Ramsey introduced me to an MLM which should be able to raise no less than 20% of the funds for the school. Check it out You can save at least $200 a month on what you’re buying anyway.

Rochelle Brown has agreed to locate and  interview the teachers and and design the criteria for the teachers.

July 2010:

I had lunch with a previous member of Elite Leads at Bridges Golf Course. Its like having a mini vacation just going up there. Douglas Hollie has a heart as big as he is tall, I think he’s about 6’6″. He works with kids and adults who are in the system. We had a great time catching up after four years of not seeing each other.

He asked about the progress of UBU and when I told him, he was very pleased. I mentioned the challenge of getting the boys cleared through the system to be released to go to Belize. He sat back, looked up to the right  (analyzing with his left brain) and said, I know how to do that. I looked at him in awe. He then told me there would be one major problem. When I asked what it was he said with a grand smile “How are we going to keep this quiet so all the other programs don’t end up competing for the privilege!”

He’s going to have a barbecue and invite me to meet the head of the juvenile department. He’ll also introduce me to the juvenile judge.

I was coming back from San Francisco going to Oakland when someone called my name. I turned around and saw one of my previous members in Elite Leads. Walter Brown offered to carry my briefcase. He asked how the school was going and when I told him the progress he was very pleased.  I told him I should have gone to the College of the Arts while I was in the city. When he as why I told him I wanted to find a way of creating all the curriculum in multimedia.

He took a step back and shook his head. He said,”You won’t believe this, but a client of mine in LA is doing just that!”

When I asked him for clarification, he told me a movie actor is creating high school courses in multimedia. And he will introduce me to him!

I had a radio interview with the Three Wize Girls and when we were done, Dori asked what they could do to help with the school. I told her a number of things and when I mentioned the golf tournaments, she offered to introduce me to her friends in Dallas who produce golf tournaments all over the world.

June 2010:

I got a call from Sharon from Lucas Educational Foundation! What an amazing thing to see GLEF pop up on my caller ID. She isn’t sure GLEF can do the curriculum, but she’s going to forward the information on to their PR department.

I met with Andree  Driskell, the grant writer. It was one of the most pleasurable business meetings I have had. She is professional and fun. I know I’m going to enjoy getting to know her.

I met Rochelle Brown at a speaking engagement last week and she asked if she could help with the fund raising for the school. We had an amazing meeting and we brain stormed about the fund raising activities and what a stroke of luck, Rochelle has been working as an educational specialist and will be able to help choose the teachers for the school.

Melissa Swan and Johnny Keller called to tell me they’re enrolling UBU in Max International and start promoting the school. He has offered to get the school’s income up to $100,000 a month by the end of the year.

I received a call from Valerie Bocage, Founder of Powerful Women International. She told me I had been nominated for their Humanitarian award and I won! The publicity for UBU will have astonishing effects.

I met with JJ Yaman from the Lion’s Club Little Leo’s program. He will be bringing out the head of the program to talk with me about clearing the boys from the US to Belize.

May 2010:

Gerry Georres has offered to help with the corporate fund raising.

Robin Ramsey introduced me to her friend Jim Irvine, who was the President of the Northern California Golfing Association. He is going to introduce me to people who can help me with the golf tournaments.

Sean Panello introduced me to Rick Pomeroy who happens to be a member of the largest diving organization in the US. He’s going to present the concept of doing dive trips in Belize to his association fora  fund raising campaign for UBU.

April 2010:

I was introduced to a grant writer. We have a meeting scheduled.

My friend Kate introduced me to Sam who has a large event planning company in San Francisco. He likes the fund raising ideas I have for the school and we’ll meet next month.

March 2010:

I finally decided to do a tourist day on the Friday before I left Belize so headed to the Island of San Pedro. It’s about an hour away from Belize City. The water is the most gorgeous turquoise I have ever seen. When I got off the ferry I noticed there were about ten beach side restaurants, but the one that struck my eye looked like a grass shack. So I decided I’d have lunch there when I came back from wandering around the Island. About three hours later when I returned, I walked into the outdoor restaurant and sat at the bar next to two very nice women. They are from Chicago and they told me they have a home on San Pedro. When they asked why I was there I told them about the school. Emelda wrote a name and number down for me and told me I had to call her brother. He’s the President of the Atlantic Bank and one of the top National officers in Rotary International.

John Acott from Keller Williams drove from Cayo to Belize City to pick me up and show me properties. After lunch John took me by to meet a friend from his Rotary club. He introduced me to Chris who just happens to be the CEO of the Ministry of Education. Chris is going to make sure my paperwork for the school is processed properly.

Afterward, John took me to the meet the Minister of Trade (Beltraide). He was on vacation, but his assistant Debbie assured me they would be able to wave a substantial fees for the equipment I’ll need to import.

February 2010:

Belinda Beebe offered to introduce me to an employee at George Lucas Education Foundation.

Veronica Young was at an event in Oakland and engaged a woman, Daisy was raised in Belize. I called and talked with her and she’s going to introduce me to her sister who recently retired and has moved back to Belize.

January 2010:

Johnny Keller pledged substantial funds  for the down payment for the property in Belize.

December 2009:

I was in Dallas for a real estate event and saw the Dallas Chamber was having an event at the same area. Of course I walked over and introduced myself and while I was standing there a couple began talking and said something about “Belize.”

Naturally I had to ask them about Belize and it turns out they are from Belize. I told them about UBU and he actually thanked me for what I’m doing for the kids at risk.

The next Wednesday I received an email from him and he offered to introduce me to anyone he knows in Belize. He signed the email “The Honorable Tench”. When I Googled him, it turns out he’s the Ambassador to Belize based in Dallas.

Melissa Swann introduced me to Johnny Keller in September, but it took us three months to connect. We finally talked and he’s very excited about finding ways of helping UBU through income generating activity from his RBC Life.

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