Media Questions

  1. The obvious question is “Why did you want to start the school for kids at risk?
  2. What inspires you?
  3. Where will the children come from?
  4. Why did you choose Belize for the school?
  5. Why take kids from the USA to Belize?
  6. How will the children be selected? Will they have any say in this?
  7. What makes UBU different than other high school programs?
  8. What do you perceive as your biggest challenges – the kids themselves, or the running of the project?
  9. I noticed you talk about the school being self-sustainable, how much of the school’s requirements will you be able to provide?
  10. Who is involved in this project – governments, corporations, educational institutions, the UN?
  11. You have an interesting program for seniors to be involved in your school, what is that all about?
  12. How can people become involved in the school?
  13. Do you have plans of adding additional school sites in other countries?
  14. How can people get in touch with you?

SA: The website is and my contact information is


Founder & CEO of the Ultimate Business University (UBU)                                                                                             Also Speaker, Author and Trainer

About Sharyn

  1. The school is dedicated to my adopted brother Tony who I took full charge care of when he was 15 and I was 24. When I realized how little there was for teenagers to do, I founded Youth Enterprises in Chico in 1974 getting youth off the streets and giving them something to do with their free time. They decided to clean up neighborhoods, paint fences, haul trash and pitch in when those who couldn’t accomplish tasks they were able to help with. We were able to convert a club which lost their liquor license into an under 21 club. We were the first group to establish work study programs for high school students giving