Bidding for Good

Jacque has introduced me to Bidding for Good and I was very pleasantly surprised to hear from Aaron today.

Bidding for Good helps non profit organizations conduct auctions online. The founders had gone to a live auction and once they saw how frantic the auction environment was, especially at the end when they were trying to make sure the right person who won the item went home with it.

The mother of invention . . . They began doing auctions online about eight years ago and have so far completed more than 12,000 auctions and now have a database of more than 225,000 bidders who enjoy supporting non profits.

They have an annual fee of $595 and a fee ranging from 3 – 9% charged on the total sales up to $90,000.

They currently have more than 120 live auctions scheduled at the time, so they are very pro active.

We will present the concept to the board and see if it will be a viable event for us to use. I’ll also follow up with Bill who is our auction contact as Bidding for Good allows us to provide our own auction items.