I check my LinkedIn account and notice Jason Grilli had asked if I would connect with him. He saw me on one of the blog groups and asked if I would be interested in collaborating with him on a blog.

Well, I had to Google Jason, not being a sports fan. It turns out he’s a pitcher for the Pittsburg Pirates. He has been playing professionally for 18 years. He lives in Orlando, Florida and Pittsburg during the season. He is married and has a three year little boy that he adores and looks forward to taking care of when he can get a day off.

Jason is looking at doing a platform speaking event based around marketing, Internet marketing, Social Media and blogging.

That’s where I come in.

So we are going to keep in touch and see what we can do about creating an event together.

We talked about what we could do to start looking at a long term plan that will support not only UBU, but Jason’s passion in regards to marketing and entrepreneurship.

It is fascinating to think that someone with Jason’s connections would reach out to me and ask for my collaboration on his concepts. We live in such an amazing time with ways of connecting with people who just a few years ago would be totally out of our reach.