Help from Canada

I’ve mentioned Ken previously, we met in New York at the NextGen event in November. He is witty and very enthusiastic. He’s from Canada and is married and two children, so he has a purpose to stay focused.

We started talking in early December and I had given him some ideas and connections on how he could promote his non profit fundraiser project. We had a great time talking and I knew it was the beginning of a new friendship.

Yesterday I received an email from Ken that made me take note. I called him and we began to talk about how we might work together. The conversation unfolded so easily it was amazing.

Ken has a keen interest in teaching vegan cooking at UBU and would now like to help raise funds for the school through encouraging others to produce a silent auction, golf tournament and pursue corporate sponsorships for events and for the construction of the school in general.

It is incredible to me someone of Ken’s talent and skills shows up at the same time at the same event I attended in New York and then to take it to the level of wanting to help with the school.

I am always humbled by the Universe and how I know UBU is on the right track!