Manny Fernandez, Ric Sitjar, Rowena Penalba, Lino Alvarez & Joey Aliling

We had a great time on Saturday talking about all of the details for the school and what we needed to do in the next couple of weeks.

We are also simultaneously working on the campus at Rey Banzon’s property in Bataan, Philippines.

We were able to talk about the history of UBU, what we have done over the years, where we are going and what the next steps are going to be. We have so many details to iron out and so many people to talk with over the next month.

Lino Alvarez, Joey Aliling & Joe Ailling

We will be heading to Belize in March to take a look at the properties that are available in Cayo, about 12 miles east of the capital, Belmopan.

The criteria for the property is having a river run through it for irrigation and water energy systems; about 350 acres; utilities to the property and fertile ground for crops. We will be self-sustainable on both of the campuses, both boys and girls will learn how to work the farm as well.

Ernie Florendo and Rey Banzon our Architect

Construction will be a large part of their education. The students will be involved in the development of the school and encouraged to create new methods of design in all areas of the school’s implementation.

The curriculum will be in multimedia. All required courses are already developed by Next Gen from Napa Ted Fujimoto will be in charge of the curriculum development and the students will expand the curriculum based on classics and how they will perceive education materials.

Phil dela Cruz, Phil’s brother & Manny Fernandez

Phil dela Cruz will be implementing our sustainable gardens and will be able to work with the students in creating an organic farm.

The goal is to have 50% of our food harvested on the school grounds and create cash crops to exchange with local farmers.