Site Plan

UBU-Campus Layout-cropped(click on picture to enlarge)

You can enlarge the image above to see it better. Most everyone who sees this diagram has a better understanding of what it is we will be doing with the UBU campus.

This is much more than a school. It is a city. It will have everything any city will require and will be self-sustaining within 5 years.

The targeted property is 5,000 acres and has a 30′ river running the length of 5 miles. It has ponds, palm trees, mahogany trees and nearly level land. It is located about 15 miles from Belize City.

Each of the two campuses are 74 acres each and are on opposite sides of the property. On each campus we will have equestrian stables with 1,400 horses on ; auditorium seating for 6,500, full sports facilities, 6 dormitories for 3,000 students and 150 teacher assistants; a salon; 36,000 sq ft wellness center; 90,000 sq ft in workshops and a chapel which will seat 3,600.

Our agriculture department will include 324 acres in coffee beans; 300 acres in organic farming; 80 acres in herbs and 500 acres in hay. We are also considering cocoa beans, hemp and honey crops.

We will be raising chickens, pigs, cattle and milk cows to supplement our food requirements.

Our manufacturing facility will encompass 200 acres and will include a sheet metal plant; concrete and polystyrene plant; wood mill; and a 30,000 sq ft company store that will be targeted first. After the construction of the campus is complete other manufacturing including organic fuel production; glass manufacturing; canning; clothing manufacturing; coffee roasting; honey and wine production.

Once the high schools are complete we will begin our 4-year university construction. The university capacity will be 10,000 full time students.

We will be targeting a new campus each year and have so far secured contacts for Australia, Cameroon, Cambodia, India, Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and Vietnam.