I have to once again thank my friend from Detroit Kimberly Kassner-Earley who I met on Facebook about 5 years ago. When she came out to the Bay Area she took the time to meet with me and we had a great time getting to know each other.

Recently Kimberly introduce me to Marvin Azzopardi in Southern California. He’s working on marketing a couple of projects in Belize and his knowledge of Belize and his contacts are endless.

Interestingly enough I know about as many people which I am able to introduce Marvin to. It is fun to talk with someone who has such a similar connection to Belize and the people there.

Since we’re going to have a very involved equestrian program, Marvin’s contact who runs a program in Belize will be a great resource for us.

He also has a contact who has managed several sustainable projects and he lives in Belize so he’ll also be a great resource for us.

So it continues, I’ve said many times I could stand in a room with 200 people and the most perfect 10 people would approach me and somehow end up having a perfect connection for us.