Press Release – 1013

The Ultimate Business University
Turning Kids At Risk Into Kids Empowered
Press Release
Some of the greatest stories surface from the most incredible places.
Introducing “The Ultimate Business University” – a non profit (501(c)3) organization designed to support our youth at risk and the “brainchild” behind this extraordinary vision: Sharyn Abbott (
Inspired by her adopted brother’s stories of being in foster care.  His life impacted hers and after a discussion in 1998 when he became terminally ill with colon cancer, Sharyn promised to build the school as a legacy to his life.  In 2000, The Ultimate Business University was named by Sharyn herself – for the soul purpose of its mission: Turning Kids At Risk Into Kids Empowered
During Sharyn’s 10 years of caring and advocating for Tony, she experienced her fair share of trials and tribulations.  For the last 15 years, Ms. Abbott has been hard at work creating what she truly believes to be the Ultimate Business University.  Her passion, unwavering spirit, and determination have finally paid off.  From her amazing team to receiving the funds needed for her project.  Sharyn is well on her way.  This extraordinary woman and her team are about to embark on a journey, which is designed to take children off the street and empower them to live the fulfilling life they deserve through unique educational and wellness programs.
Come join Sharyn along with her team as she builds this school from the ground up.  Taking you on an adventure from South of Belmopan, Belize to the Philippines, Australia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam, and Tibet.  Just to name a few places already calling for The Ultimate Business University to be in their countries.