I was invited to participate in a group who shares information about world economics and political environments. The people I’ve met on the call have contacts all over the world and have been a great resource of education on what has been taking place for more than 25 years. This informatioin never hits main stream media or is discussed publically where it can be traced.

One of the participants Lauren introduced me to Anna who introduced me to Rod who works directly with the Ambassador of the Red Dragon Family. They are one of the oldest family groups in the world. They provide funding for humanitarian projects and guide the projects through the complications of doing business intenationally.

They asked me for my business plan and my 4 page synopsis. It was sent of to Haag for review. The approved the business plan within the week. The next step is to travel to Switzerland to meet with the Ambassador and learn more about what the Chinese want of their business partners.

Once we have met we will be able to go to Hong Kong and register UBU as a Chinese corporation. Then we’ll be able to utilize the funds in Belize to get our school started.

They have expressed interest in supporting each of our campuses around the world!