The Idea

I attended a seminar in Los Angeles where future entrepreneurs were encouraged by experts in every business development concept available. In concept, it was well designed and a huge windfall for those who have no idea how to begin their dream of starting a business.

The only problem is it was only in concept. The instructors admitted they only helped those the personally choose. Although everyone paid the same amount of money, they were not all treated equally.

I am somewhat of a rebel and often have taken up causes when I believe others are not able to fight for themselves and this was one of those times I recognized the need was there but not within my scope of possibility.

Six months after I attended the training I was driving to Sacramento when the initials IBI floated into my head.

It was many months later when the words fell into place, The Ultimate Business University. And the concept was born. A school designed for children who have been left behind. Those who were born into families who did not have the capacity to care for their children, therefore disguarding them by the simple excuse of not being able to take care of themselves let alone the children they brought into the world.

That was the inception of UBU, my school for the children who were brought into the world without the proper guidance of a family to protect them and lead them toward a rewarding life.

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