It’s in the Stars

I think I finally found my rhythm. I was asleep by 1 and awake at 6:30. Of course I took a nap again yesterday, but I woke up feeling better than I have since I arrived. I’m sure it was from being so tired when I got here, but it was great to wake up without a sore throat and with more energy than when I went to bed.

I’ve developed a routine. I get ready for the day, most often foregoing the makeup, and go to the dining room for breakfast. The selection is minimal but adequate. There’s an omelet chef who on her good days will smile, but most days she simply takes the order and brings it to the table when it’s done with a polite “excuse me mam” and sets the plate in front of me. So of course, my personal challenge is to get her to smile.

I enjoy the hotel employees referring to me by my first name and make t a point to say hello to each one every day. I even get a hug from the young lady from India who is on contract with the hotel for four years.

It looks like there will be more rain today. It reminds me of the rain in Hawaii. When I’m walking in it my skin tingles like when my foot goes to sleep from a lack of circulation. Then ten minutes later, I’m completely dry.

Ill come back to the bar in the afternoon, it’s the only place to get a diet coke. They’re $7 ($3.50US) so it’s much more than in stores at home. While I was waiting for my change I said hello to a man who was sitting next to the window.

Roy has had a tour company here in Belize since ’91. He read a Michener’s, Caribbean: A Novel and decided to move to Belize part time. He still goes back and forth to Florida.

I do envy the simplicity of the lifestyle he’s chosen and admire him for recognizing it is best for himself and then his taking the action to make it happen. That’s a rare quality in a person. Most people spend their lives dreaming about the possibilities, but never take action.

After telling him about UBU, he offered to introduce me to a man in the north who is very instrumental in creating education programs for the local youth.

All for a chance meeting, then engaging in a simple conversation!

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