Help From My Friends

I went to an event last Saturday and talked to a several of the people there about UBU and their reaction was great. One of the women asked if I would take her 15 year old son. She’s a single mother and has tried to keep him focused on school but recently he’s gotten involved with other boys at school who have a habit of getting into trouble. So, now he’s getting into trouble as well.

I’d love to have the ability to start the school right now . . .

One of the people I met has an alternative coffee program which is all natural and amazingly good. No side effects like caffeine. It’s fairly new and should take off rather well. I’m going to meet with them next week to see what might be involved in using it as a means of raising funds for the school.

Then today I received an email from Melissa Swann who was in Elite Leads two years ago. I’ve mentioned her before. She moved up to the mountains for the health of her dog. She’s now working with Max International and she and her co-worker who is in Florida have offered to create a program for UBU to generate a consistent monthly income.

We still have to work out the details, but it sounds like there will truly be multiple streams of income to support the boys.

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