Orange Walk

I heard back from John Acott from Belize. He still hasn’t found property any more affordable than what I saw while I was there.

I looked up more property since I came back and found several properties in Orange Walk which is in the opposite direction of Cayo, but about an hour closer to Belize City and the airport.

The property there is about two dollars an acre compared to $10 an acre in in Cayo. I know it’s possible to sell off some of the property at a later date and end up with the land generating income, but it’s such a drastic difference I’m having a hard time thinking about investing five times more in the property.

Ive allocated about 4 million for the entire facility including the land and furnishings. It would take a big bite out of the furnishings and equipment to pay the extra 500 to 750 thousand.

I think I should stick to my guns and hold out for the property in Orange Walk especially since they all have ample orange groves and in fact the crops can support the maintenance of the school.

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