Friends to the Rescue

I have gone through two event planners who I’ve trained and given them all they need so they can do the fund raising for me for the school. The budget is $4.4 million and I’ve designed several events to raise the entire amount.

Today I got to meet with Kate Johnston who has been out of my life for more than a year. She moved to Germany to launch a new company, then six months in Florida and just came back to the Bay Area.

I heard about the Food Bank’s fund raiser in Oakland today and Kate said she’d meet me there. We started out having a cup of coffee at the Waterfront Hotel, since the Barnes and Noble Starbucks is no longer there.

We had a great time catching up and the weather was the most perfect May Day you could imagine.

I told Kate about my dilemma with the event organizers and she offered to introduce me to Jim Plunkett and a friend who is a professional event planner.

So my friend Kate has offered to come through for me!

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