A Little Help from my Friends

One of my Elite Leads members gave me the name of someone who is a diver. I called him about a week ago and we connected on Monday.

I told him what I want to do with the dive trips in Belize for one of the many fund raising projects for the school and he was very enthusiastic. We talked more than an hour and he asked me to send the details.

It turns out he belongs to the largest diving organizing in the states and if he doesn’t take on the project he knows either the organization will or they’ll know someone who will.

This is so exciting. The dive trips will pay for the salaries, insurance and all other fees of the 30 teachers.

I’ve assigned each of the expenses to specific fund raising techniques.

Some of the techniques are:

  • Golf Tournaments
  • Dive Trips
  • Business Education Programs
  • Agricultural Sales (Orange Grove)
  • Book Sales

I’ll also be talking with a grant writer next week. I don’t want to rely on grant writing, but it will be a benefit in the early stages of the project. I met Andrea through another member of Elite.

I get so excited when I make these connections and they are open to helping with the school. I truly feel blessed.

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