Golf Tournaments

I had such a great call from Valerie Bocage on Thursday. It was the two year anniversary of the day I spoke at her event,  Powerful Women International, in Berkeley. She was calling to tell me I had been nominated for a Humanitarian award, and I won! Isn’t that amazing!

We got to talk about a half hour and I’ll be going to New Orleans in the Fall to deliver a presentation and receive the award. It’s life amazing! Imagine the exposure the school will receive from this level of exposure.

Then Valerie offered to introduce me to a golf pro she knows in Dallas. It looks like things are really on a roll.

I talked with Jim from Hawaii on Thursday night. He will be coming back to the Bay Area in a couple of months and will take a serious look at the possibility of managing the golf tournaments here. What I would really prefer is he would manage all the golf tournament organizers around the country. Then there would be consistency in the program.

I am so excited every day! It’s like being five years old and every day is Christmas Eve. What a wonderful adventure.

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