I was at an event in Oakland on Wednesday and met a woman who works at a charter school. It is always amazing to me how many people are stepping up to the plate and helping the children who don’t have the help at home.

If you didn’t come from a dysfunctional home, you can’t imagine how impossible it is to think about studying when everyone is yelling, slamming doors and creating havoc. Most often the only focus is to survive one more day without being beat up. Because these children understand at a very young age, when the rage takes over, anyone and anything is game, and they are the usual targets of that rage.

When I saw the study from Stanford that revealed 98% of everyone is born with a genius capacity,  I was shocked, to say the least. But what I found extremely disappointing was no one did anything about the end statistic; only 2% are left by the time they are 21.

How many brilliant minds have we left behind because no one knew? What would it take to return these children to their genius capacity?

It takes a charter school in Oakland, a school in New Jersey who has 90% of their students college bound.

What could you do to help the children in your neighborhood?

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