Raising Funds

 I met Robin Ramsey exactly ten years ago. She was involved in:Pre-Paid Legal and one of the fonding members of eWomen Network.

Then to my surprise she turned up at an event I went to in S San Francisco. It was as though not a day had passed, rather than ten years.

Of course as we were catching up over a glass of wine I told her about UBU and she began to tell me about various MLM (Multi Level Marketing) concepts she is in. She’s a big fan and although I have not been involved in any to a degree which would be noteworthy, she has managed to support herself and her children through out the years. She she got my attention!

She told me about TVI and although most people think it’s a travel site, it is actually a site that allows anyone to buy a week stay in 4 and 5 star hotels for $250 and when they’ve referred 8 others to do so the receive $500. When they’ve referred another 8 they receive $10,000. Anyway you look at it, you can’t go wrong! Any day I can give someone $250 and walk away with $10,500 regardless of how long it takes, I’m in!

Robin then introduced me to an My Shopping Genie which allows anyone to down load the tool  bar and price shop, much like the travel sites have done, except this is for anything you could imagine. I have been thinking about getting an iPad because it would make travelling so much easier than carrying my 17″ laptop. The 3G 64G is around $1-1,200 and I found it for $499, brand new and in the box! The examples are impressive.

Besides, when you sign up for $200 and then have someone sign up under you, you get $50, when they get two people to sign up you get another $50. When they pay their $29 a month, you get $10 for each person you sign up and you get a 20% override on each person who down loads the tool bar when they click to search on a product.

When I met Chuck and Linda from St Louis in Lodi on Wednesday, I did the math and after 2 1/2years, they each have 25,000 people in their affiliate downline and based only on the $10 per affiliate, their monthly income is $500,000.

That alone would be the school budget for 300 boys! So I’m in. Come and join me so you can help others save major income as well as find a cause you want to support.

We’re all in this together and this is a great way to help support others who are not capable of supporting themselves.

www.MyShoppingGenie.com/8888. You can save an averge of $200 a month on what you’re buying anyway.

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