Forces Align

Melissa Swann along with her friends Larry and Ray came to San Ramon over the weekend. It great to catch up with them! Larry and Melissa live up in the Arnold area altough Melissa lived in Pleasant Hill and still has her house there.

She has decied to move back to the Bay Area as the winters in the mountains are a little more severe than she bargained for. So hopefuly she’ll be back down in our “flatland” within a couple of months.

The three of them have been in RBC Life, Melissa the longest. She is the one who introduced me to Johnny Keller who is in West Palm Beach. They have an energy drink Triple fx that rivels all the energy drinks since it has all natural products and is being used by professional sports teams, Olympians and competitive sports individuals with great results.

Melissa and Johnny are the ones who are going to be creating a wealth of resourses for UBU.

Melissa and Larry have agreed to help me with the golf tournament in the Bay Area. She’ll be working with her friend Larry to create six tournaments.

I met Melissa about three years ago. She came to my speaking course and when she bought my book, Create Your Own Reality, she bega quoting my words back to me. I don’t think I had ever had anyone do that before!

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