I just came back from a meeting with Rochelle Brown. She has agreed to become my school administrator! We didn’t get a chance to talk about the school very much over the nearly three hour meeting, but boy did we cover a lot of territory!

This has been the most amazing week ever! I reconnected with Billa Bhandari who I thought lived in India, but actually lives in the US. He’s acting as a consultant for, an alternative university India. I’ve known Billa for about two years and he’s always been interested in helping me with connections. But this week he offered to help me by going back to the corporate contacts he’s used to raise funds for the school’s construction.

Speaking of which, John, the realtor in Belize found 350 acres for $300k! It even has a river running through it! It is so beautiful (look at the Pictures page) and will be able to handle the expansion to house the 3,000 boys within the 10 years to come!

I also heard from my previous client Mitch Miller who is a business attorney in Palo Alto and he has agreed to become my attorney of record!

As weeks go, it doesn’t get much better than this, but wait . . . I’m not done!

I also had a call from Melissa Swann, she asked her friend Ray who is an architect and he’s agreed to design the school!

I am blessed!

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