Our Precious Children

I was driving around Oakland last week and I noticed several teenagers hanging out on the streets. I wanted to stop and talk with them, but I wasn’t brave enough to do so. They were all boys around the age of 15-17. When I slowed down, contemplating whether I could actually have a conversation with them I noticed how they each looked at me with no expression. There was no curiosity, anger, fear, interest, humor or any noticeable emotion visible.

Do you remember when you were a teenager? I remember watching my two brothers when I came home to visit. They were never still. They were in action every minute of the day. They were loud, full of energy and life. They were fun to observe and to be around. Especially Tony. He would make it a point to be funny and turn my visits into a pleasant experience.

Can you imagine young boys being bored, lifeless and disinterested in life?

How could it be acceptable that we allow our most precious resources, our children,to be disinterested in life in general?

When children have no hope, they have no interest in life in general. They tend to ge into trouble, find belonging to a group a matter of survival.

There will never be enough people out there encouraging our children to find hope in their lives. Find a way to generate situations where you can make a difference for them.

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