Did you ever feel . . .

like there are angels guiding you? I  know there has to be something to this! Every time I turn around I end up with someone else introducing me to someone who can make a major difference for my school.

I met with Kim Kassner from Detroit while she was visiting in Marin for her 50th birthday. We had a marvelous conversation about her work with students. Her website is EmpowerMindand she is brilliant at getting kids to learn faster and easier as well as retaining what the learn. The kids will typically improve their SAT scores drastically!

Then on Saturday morning one of my Elite Leads clients, Charles Lovelace called to tell me he had a contact for me. I got a hold of Charles in the afternoon after attending an author  Meetup group in Fremont. It was pouring down all weekend, but after talking with Charles I had to call right away!

I called Bruce who was in Las Vegas attending an event with Charles and Bruce lives in Belize! Amazing! He’s been there since ’83. He knows most of the people that I’ve met while I was there and had some great insights for me on the property proximity and some of the contacts he will introduce me to when I go back in November. He even offered to drive me around and show me some of the properties and introduce me to the people he knows.

Bruce is looking at doing a jet mechanics school in Belize to create jobs. It seems like we’re both on the same page with the same insights as to what can be done to bring more commerce to Belize!

Life is amazing!