Another Call

I was working this morning on the fundraising projects, now at 15, and I received a call from my friend Richard Ocampo who was in the Sacramento area working with a friend of his who is an author.

His name is also Richard and he has three books published, the latest one about find the Ark, yes truly, the Ark, in Turkey! I can’t wait to find out more about it.

We were intended to talk about my author program, but he mentioned in passing he was heading back to Belize today.

I asked, “Where?”

He answered “Belize.”

Again, just be sure, I asked “Did you say Belize?”

“Yes.” he confirmed.

I was on Richard’s speaker phone so I asked Richard if he had told Richard about my school.

“No, not really. But please tell him what you’re doing” he suggested.

I ran through the who, what, why and where which is obviously Belize and we immediately ran through a 15 minute conversation comparing notes and how we might work together on some of the project details.

Richard was a commercial pilot so I had to tell him I had been terrified of flying so I got my pilot’s license and flew Cessna 182’s. He had also!

I mentioned the dive trips we’re going to do in the spring and he lives on the Island of San Pedro near the best diving spots in Belize!

I am blessed, keep the calls coming my Angels!