I was talking with my friend Robin who had mentioned her friend Ron to me a number of times, but like most good friends, our conversations turn many circles of items and easily wander from one topic to another, seldom never finishing what we had started to talk about. It’s a bit ADD but there becomes a comfort in knowing each other well and it leads to many different venues.

Finally this week Robin said, “You remember my friend Ron?”

“Sure” I answered.

“When you go back to Belize you have to look him up. He’s building homes on an island there.”

“You’ve got to be kidding?”

“No, I told you about him, remember?”

“Sure, I remember, but you didn’t mention he was building in Belize!” I was in awe.

It seems like the connections are coming from every direction now.

I’ve been asking for a source in Belize who is in construction and can help with the polystyrene manufacturing plant equipment.

Well, if it isn’t Ron, it might be Richard who I met a week ago or Bruce who I met two weeks ago. They all live in Belize and have many contacts.

The Law of Attraction is very clear these days.  Focus on what you want and the Universe provides.

Thank you Universe!