One of my authors, Leanna Tribulato has been working on a children’s book, but has been stuck. We finally discovered why on Friday. She wants to pursue something that has more to do with  kids at risk. Isn’t life grand?

So after talking about some of the possibilities, Leanna is going to head up the golf tournaments in the Silicon Valley.

I met with Anastasia today to explain the details of what I want to do with the Holiday party. So, she is on board to coordinate the event at her parent’s country club. Bill Newman will come out with the auction material and Anastasia will organize the event, she’s as great with managing the details, as I am not.

I met with Roger from PADI and he’s going to have PADI Travel sponsor the first dive trip in the spring. We’ll use it as a fund raiser and we’ll target two trips a year.

We also talked about Roger and possibly his brother in Billings managing 6 of the golf tournaments. His brother plays golf twice a day, every day, on the same course! Now that’s an avid golfer!

I’m also going to meet with Doug Hollie from Smart Students again this Friday! We’re going to strategize on how to isolate which of the boys to choose and what the criteria will be.

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