Miracles in Abundance

I have had a great week! I received calls back from Walter Brown who sent an email to his contact in Los Angeles who is creating the multi media curriculum for educational programs. So, I’m one step closer.

On Wednesday I heard from Andre, the grant writer who is going to be working with me on the grants for my “Wish List”. We’re going to get together next week and create a plan for who she can approach for each of the items.

I talked with Bill Newman again this week and we’re planning on scheduling a gala for Christmas. I came up with an idea of finding a philanthropic group who might host the event. That way they would have the location and the mailing list. I called my friend Anastasia who is a member of a country club and she’s agreed to host an event. Then I thought, why stop there? I’ll find others who are involved in other country clubs.

I also asked Billa to think about possibilities for finding a way to secure the property in Belize. Rey is designing the school for the exact property so I want to make sure we hold the property.

I also sent an email to Bill Bartmann who is the 25th wealthiest man in the U.S. I received his book, DVD and CD in the mail on Thursday last week and his story is amazing. You should get his material. His office staff called me on Monday to ask if I had received everything and after telling her what I’m doing, she suggested I send Bill the information. So, that’s what I did!

I just got a call back from Roger who is with PADI the diving association and I’ll follow up with him to see what we might do!

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  1. Sharyn….you are amazing! I was just reading through your blogs since last May. It’s fun to see the momentum this project is taking, the connections being made, and the heart behind it 🙂 In talking with my friends this past weekend about this project, some interesting conversations have surfaced. My mind has been racing with the connections that I didn’t think of when I was talking with you. I have a friend working at an Oakland school, contacts with mentor programs, art therapists working with at risk students, people who play in golf tournaments, managers of country clubs, and people who decide what programs they want to fund. Can’t wait to talk with you on Friday!

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