Kids at Risk

For some people, protecting and sheltering animals might be their passion. They can’t tolerate the injustice of animals treated poorlyl

For others it might be the environment. They are tunnel-visioned when it comes to recycling, green technology and freeing our planet of liter.

While others might find senior care a major concern. Or rather the lack of good quality, affordable senior or ambulatory care.

For me, it’s always been the children. Those who are helpless to help themselves. The youth who are subjected to the cruelties of being born to parents who are drug addicts, absent, incarcerated or emotionally, verbally and/or physically abusive have always been my focus in fundraising, organizing protective solutions and even creative financing for means of making a difference.

It has been my passion since I was 24 when I took my adopted brother Tony away from my parents. My mother was cruel by any measure, but her abuse towards Tony would have inspired a Sunday night dramatic movie. I couldn’t bear the thought of him staying in that environment. So, even though he was 15, only 8 years younger than I, he moved in with me, far enough away from the abuse he would be able to find his own way without the constant fear of tyranny.

There are so many stories, so many children. More than 15 million children each year who don’t graduate high school in the United States. A country that by all rights has more advantages that the majority of countries around the world.

How is it possible we could have fallen to such despair in our responsibility to our youth? How is it possible there could be so many who have no one to look after them?