A Loving Family

I watched unobserved. I was in awe of the tenderness, caring and love of this nine year old as she rocked and cajoled her year old baby brother into being content.

I was in awe. Was this an innate skill this child was born with? Were other children so adept at caring for their siblings, regardless of the age span? Did she possess a unique talent and insight?

I was touched to my very soul at her patience and skill to perform tasks I’ve seen grown women incapable of manifesting. It was not a sense of duty or obligation, but a true caring filled with love and tenderness.

How magnificent to be witness to the adverse of the children at risk. Is this what a loving, caring environment can produce? Is it because her mother had done the same for her?

What little effort it must have taken to produce the amazing results of this glorious nine year old angel. The respect I have for her mother, Jenny, is immense, beyond measure.

I wanted to capture the relevance. I wanted to video tape their interactions. I wanted to embrace them as a family and share in their love and knowledge.

I was more than blessed to be a part of what all families could, should represent.

Pure, honest love and caring for one another.