More Help

While I was in New Orleans for the Humanitarian award from Professional Women International I met Pam Terry, who I had talked with on the phone several times. She’s the COO for PWI. She is extremely competent and very adept at knowing how to get things done.

I was talking with her this week about how she could help with UBU and she was very interested in working with some of the fundraising concepts that I’ve created.

What I’ve discovered is by all of us working together, we can accomplish so much more than each of us working on our own. I love the synergy of bringing people together and making a difference.

Imagine every person you meet having a gift and each of those gifts will enhance what you are attempting to accomplish as well as enhancing their primary goals. Most often when people have a great talent, they are unaware it is a special talent a they have always been capable of using the specific skill set.

But when we recognize the talent in each other, we amplify the accomplishment of each other and create a much greater result than if we were attempting to do everything on our own.

It is amazing how simple it is to bolster someone’s perception of who they are and what they are capable of. Too often, every day life interferes with the radiance each person is capable of generating.

Take a moment to look at those around you and acknowledge their special gifts. Help them realize their unique talents.