You always know when something is working . . . it’s effortless, it’s easy, it’s fun and everything just seems to fall into place.

UBU is the one thing  I’ve ever done that has been like that. Every time I answer the phone or get a phone call, I instinctively know there is something important about to take place.

And more often than not, there is something important about to unfold. Whether it is a connection, a resource or an inspiration from an unknown source.

Everything about UBU is bigger than life and more than the mere idea a few people can come together and make such a monumental difference in children’s lives.

I have been reflecting on the past year and become nearly breathless when I look back at the amount of work that has been accomplished, the people I have met, the connections I have made and the number of people who have stepped up to the plate to help in realization of a dream I have had for ten years.

Is there a bigger purpose in this school? I was asked to think about the chain reaction of taking 300 boys off the streets and putting them through UBU and then being able to witness what will happen in their lives and all the people they come in contact with as a results of having this dream.

There is no possible method to determine the magnitude of such an amazing concept, but to be a part of something as great as this potential counts me among those who are truly blessed.

Thank you . . .