Golf Links

We are all connected in one way or another. It used to be there were six degrees of separation, meaning we were six people away from every person in the world. Today, it is more like three.

How is it we can put an idea out on the table and within a short time, people will come from every c orner of the earth and show to help us?

I posted a comment on Linked in about the golf tournaments we’re doing to raise the funds for UBU and I received two responses from golf groups to help with the fundraising and donations.

I was able to talk with Scott Bigley from the Tampa Florida area and he volunteered to introduce me to contacts he has in the golf world. Scott’s daughter plays in the young women’s LPGA.

The other contact suggested he has the means to donate to the golf tournaments  and so far we’ve only been able to exchange messages on LinkedIn.

Social Media plays a large part in making connections with people around the country. It is amazing how close each of us are to the rest of the world. All we need to do is put the information out there and people show up to help.

Who do you know who might have contacts within the golf or sailing world? Let us know and we’ll create an event to help with the construction costs. Any ideas you might have will be greatly appreciated.