Help for the Tournies

I just got off the phone with McRedmond Morelli from Seattle WA. I had to ask him about his first name and of course there’s a great story there. His grandfather founded Redmond WA where Microsoft is based.

I met Mc through LinkedIn when I posted a comment about raising funds for UBU through golf tournaments. It’s taken us about a month to finally have a live conversation. It is amazing anyone ever gets to talk live any more.

We ended up talking about Mc’s golf membership program. He has offered to give us a membership for each one of our golfers, no matter how many tournaments we conduct.

The golfers will be able to play at any one of the 300 courses that are in the membership directory at a reduced rate.

Mc’s company will then donate a percentage of the green fees the golfers pay at the visiting courses. Because we have 49 tournaments scheduled so far, that would be more than 5,000 golfers.

What I’ve found is most golfers enjoy playing other courses and will drive hours just to try a new course. So even if they only play two or three other courses a year, it could end up earning thousands of dollars of year for the school.

All this just for following up with an email . . .