Making Friends

I’ve always been one who enjoys meeting new people and making friends along the way. I’m not as interested in meeting people and never seeing them again or loosing contact with those who are special.

Friends come in many forms, some are strictly business friends, but most of the business friends I’ve developed over the past twenty years become my personal friends as well.

You might remember I mentioned I was in Dallas in December 2009 and happened to be standing at the Dallas Chamber table when a man mentioned Belize to one of the chamber employees. I was nearly shocked into silence, but for those who know me, that would be nearly impossible.

The reason I was stunned was the fact I was in Dallas (I live in the San Francisco Bay Area) and I was standing next to someone who would mention Belize at the same moment I happened to be there.

We talked for just a few moments and I told him and his wife Rosaline about UBU and then went our way. Then on the next Wednesday I received an email from him and he signed it the Honorable Tench. Having never received an email from anyone signed in that manner, I of course had to Google his name.

It turns out he’s the Ambassador to Belize based in Dallas.

Imagine being in the same place at the same time who not only understands the magnitude of the impact of UBU but has personally taken the time to help me through introductions to various pivotal resources in Belize.

I received another email from Mr. Tench and he has been following the progress of UBU and again has offered his assistance where ever possible.

I am in awe. The life force of this project has it’s own momentum and I am simply the facilitator.