Each and every day I am astonished at the progress we are making with the plans for the school.

We now have 7 Regions for golf tournaments. This is the number it will take to raise ample funds to build the school. It is so amazing to me to see it coming together like this.

It has been a dream for ten years. I remember the day I was driving up to Sacramento. I knew that day the name of the school and it took me another month before I realized the school would be for boys living on the streets.

The rest of the concepts developed slowly over the years. I decided to make the curriculum in multi media to make sure the required courses would be more engaging. I want the boys to enjoy their education, not resent it or avoid it.

I didn’t think of involving a college in the development of the curriculum until 2010. I was walking by the SF Academy of Arts in San Francisco and it occurred to me it would be a perfect place to have the classes developed.

Then one of my friends gave me a CD and it was a sample of the great works. I didn’t know someone had put all the great books on CD’s and made them available for anyone to use. Wouldn’t that be a great way to learn?