Reaching Out

I was talking with a referral for a speaking engagement about four months ago. I enjoy doing speaking engagements and look forward to finding new audiences. I decided to follow up with Angela this week and find out if she had any openings.

What happened instead was she told me how she has left the organization and is focusing more on her own business.

Then we talked about business and all that has transpired in the Bay Area during the past couple of years but after a few minutes we started talking about UBU and how she is involved with the Olympic Club in San Francisco.

It is one of the clubs I want to have host an auction. The idea of having a silent auction at a private country club came about when I was talking with Bill Newman from Grandstand Sports and he was telling me how they generate substantial funding for non profits through the auctions.

The most challenge component is having 200 to 300 people at an event. That’s when I thought the private club events would be such a great way to create an event.