Thanks to Valerie Bocage the Founder of Powerful Women International, I have just been awarded the “International Women’s Day Outstanding Service Award”.

What I enjoy about the recognition is it will make others more aware of the work we are all doing for our kids at risk.

The event where I will receive the award is next week in South San Francisco at the Convention Center. There will be about 200 women in attendance and it will be broadcast to 7 cities in the United States and 176 countries around the world.

Then they will put our UBU logo on their website and provide Global recognition for outstanding service for an entire year.

It is great visibility and I am very grateful to Valerie for always looking out for us and our endeavors.

This is our second award and our school hasn’t opened yet. It tells me the need for this school is much bigger than even I know.

I am so excited about our progress and look forward to each and every day. I never know what will happen.