Teenage Programs

James LehmanAre you struggling with a teenager who is angry, disruptive, defiant, or abusive toward you? Is he making bad choices and heading down a dangerous path? Has he been in trouble with the law? Is his behavior tearing your family apart? Are you at your wit’s end, desperately trying everything to get your child back on the right path, but the problem behaviors remain?

All teens behave badly from time to time. But when the problem behaviors are ongoing and become more severe, serious interventions are often required.

Many parents consider sending their troubled child to a military school, boot camp, or wilderness program—not out of choice, but because other options have failed and they see no other alternatives. Fortunately, I’ve seen that when parents use the right tools, they don’t need to send their teens away. They can help them learn skills that can end the destructive behavior…quickly and dramatically.