Kids and Hunger

I saw a report on NBC where they were talking about 25% of our children under 10 go hungry every day. How is that possible in a country as rich as our? We have so much open land fertile enough to feed the entire country. So how could we possibly ignore this problem?

Years ago I was biking along the hiking trail in Walnut Creek and noticed during the summer there were many homes how let their vegetable gardens and fruit trees grow over to the path. I got an idea to start a campaign to collect the excess produce.

I approached the Boy Scouts of America, several churches and even the homeless shelters. Not a single group would take the initiative to launch a campaign to gather the excess food, while thousands in Contra Costa County go hungry. They were all concerned about the liability of being on personal property.

Meanwhile, the Food Bank in Oakland had a fire a few months ago and all of their stored food was lost. They immediately began a campaign to raise awareness for more donations, but did not think twice about reaching out to those who are raising vegetables locally.

It only takes a little effort to change such a significant injustice in the world. What can you do in our community to helps those who are not aware of how they can help themselves?