University at Sea

I heard about Semester at Sea about ten years ago and thought how great it would have been to have spent a year at sea learning and cruising from one sea port and country after another.

Semester at Sea

Can you imagine living on a cruise ship for a semester and being about to go from port to port while learning from the best University Curriculum in the world?

These are the types of experiences that will change the life of our youth forever. It will enrich their education of course, but the exposure to other countries and learning about their culture firsthand is priceless.

If you could go back to when you were leaving high school and had the summer to imagine all the adventures that were about to unfold in your life. How would your life been different if at 18 you were about to cruise around the world? What would be different today for you? What type of life long friendships would you have today because of the experience?

This is an adventure all students should be able to experience. And the students at UBU will be able to participate for at least one semester.

What a great life they are going to have.