Our Director of Golf Club Coordinators, Robin Ramsey saw a program on Oprah where they were talking about an organization that is set up for helping non profits raise funds through promoting their followers sign onto the site and adding points to the non profit’s account.

The non profit with the most points wins $50,000 in July. If you will go to Give Back and register your credit cards and when you shop where you normally shop and UBU will gain points. The non profit with the most points in July wins $50,000 and you could will $1,000.

Here are three ways you can help:

  • Make a donation directly from your credit card.
  • Shop with our 400+ online mall partners and earn up to 15% of each purchase.
  • Engage with our sponsors and earn more for our foundation.

There’s power in numbers. Spread the word by promoting UBU and sharing stories with your friends.

  • If you want, you can highlight UBU to your friends.
  • Small donations add up: now you and your friends can donate together.

I look forward to you helping us out and being a part of an amazing experience.

Imagine taking 300 boys who currently live on the streets and have a helping hand in getting them off the street and changing their lives for the better, forever.