Starting a Business

One of the first things each of the students arriving at UBU will be doing is deciding what they want their business to be.

They will be able to able to choose between a multitude of online businesses or ones where they will be able to make items and sell them at the open markets on the weekends.

The idea is to make sure the students all have a personal source of income so they can buy the extras they will want to have, as all teenagers do.

I love the idea of making the students aware of becoming entrepreneurs at the at of 15. No matter what happens the rest of their lives, they will always have the experience of knowing they will be able to generate an income of their own devices.

The idea of making sure the students know how to stay independent and learn how to use their creativity to create a new business or enroll others in their projects.

Teaching children to be independent is one of the most important lessons we can teach children. When they learn how to create a business out of their own interests, it is even more impactful. Imagine a whole new generation of young adults who know how they can live their dreams rather than just dream of a someday.